Dear Mom

I know you think I am the most frustrating little person in the world right now, but  I have news for you. I’m not.

Sure I like to scream instead of using any of the words I know. But this is only because JJ and I are having a contest you see. We are trying to see who can burst either yours or dads ear drums first. I think I have an edge over JJ seeing as I am a girl and all.

And the tantrums, well you are just going to have to suck it up Mom. This is how I deal, okay?

You should really try laying on the floor, screaming at the top of your lungs, kicking whatever you can. It feels great and the best part… if usually gets you whatever it was that you wanted. Although you do run the risk of forgetting whatever that was. Either way, you are sure to get something that you like.

And don’t worry, what looks like fighting between JJ and I really isn’t. I am just giving my annoying, overly needy, girly brother love punches and little hugs (you THINK that these are called pinches… who taught you that?). Don’t let those tears fool you, he loves it. He tells me every night after you shut the door to our bedroom.

Speaking of our bedroom. Please ignore any discussions you may here in there. We are discussing important brother sister stuff and it is not for your ears.

But mom, really, I am not frustrating at all. Just look at me. How could something as cute as me every be considered frustrating…

Hugs and Kisses