I had planned this post to be a ‘once upon at time’ post. However I am reaching out to mommy blog land and asking:

Are there any other parents out there that deal with  Anoxic Reflex Seizures? If so I would really love to connect with you.

JJ has been having them since January, and since then they have become more frequent and the seizure part more becoming, um, seizureish.

I am having a really hard time dealing with them. They scare the crap out of me, even though I know they don’t do any harm. Every time I start to panic, thinking he will not start breathing again. It just sucks.

Here is the real difficult part. My son has learnt, by our reaction to his fits, that if he holds his breath he gets attention. So now we are faced with not responding to him when he starts to get blue and waiting to see if he is just holding his breath to be a stubborn little git, or if he is actually going to have a fit. So we just stand by him, and if he has a fit we make sure he doesn’t fall. It is all pretty frustrating.

Do you have to deal with something similar? How do you deal? Any stories would be a comfort right now.