I am almost to 30 weeks. Almost to that 10 week count down. Lately this pregnancy has felt like it is dragging on.  Never. Going.To.End. If any of you followed my last two pregnancies, than you will know that I hate being pregnant. I am just not one of those momma’s that enjoys it. I know I should be enjoying it more because this is supposed to be my last (supposed is bolded because my husband keeps talking about the benefits of a fourth, but says he does not want a fourth….).

I think I am more detached with this pregnancy. I am just so busy with my other two, and the fact that I can not discuss names, buy clothes and have to watch what I say so I don’t give away the sex has left me having a hard time getting into it.

The contractions have started again. So far they are just hugely painful and strong and long, but only once have fallen into any sort of rhythm. Both my previous labors were in the back. I actually have no  memory of feeling the contractions in the front. As of for now, they are in the front so I see that has a good thing. However there have been a few where I have had a lot of lower back pressure as well as that rib crushing feeling. I feel like my body is gearing up to make a new labor record again. First time, active labor to baby 4ish hours. Second time, 2 hours.  This time, (and my midwife thinks it will play out this way as well) 1 hour or less. Lets just hope the baby stays put until 37 weeks. I do not want to be pushing out a preemie in the car!

Speaking of the midwife, I meet my actual midwife, the one that will be at our home birth, next week. I am excited to finally meet her, as well as discuss whats been going on.

Oh and morning sickness has returned. I pretty much feel awful until about noon. I am not impressed by this at all!!

So there is my pregnancy update. It turned out more  whiny than I had intended, but… meh… whatever. 🙂