Dear woman in her car, with children. Thank you for almost running me, my daughter and son over yesterday at a crosswalk. You had plenty of time to stop. Luckily I see that you were going to be a bitch and not stop, and stopped in the middle of the road so you could keep going. I’m nice like that.

Dear Daughter. While it was incredible sweet and adorable that you were chasing a bumble bee and thought it was going to steal your hat as you loudly proclaimed ‘MINE’ as it few past your head, can you not chase said bee into traffic? Thanks.

Dear Son. You too are adorable. Using me as your personal jungle gym, chipping computer screens with screwdrivers and jumping off tables… not so adorable.

Dear downstairs neighbors. I’m sorry. I am even more sorry to say, it will not get any better when the third arrives.

Dear baby in belly. Stop making me want to puke all the time. But can’t wait to meet you! You may come in 7 weeks and no later than 10 weeks okay?

Dear husband. You are wonderful. Thank you so much for letting me take off for the weekend with out you or the kids. Thank you for not complaining about it, and thank you for always listening me complain about my hard days with the kids. You are the best.

Dear all my recent blog design customers. You guys were awesome to work for. I have enjoyed making blog designs for all of you 🙂