Some of you may remember that I blogged about being denied a bank loan for a house, and perhaps even that I was supposed to be moving into a rented house around July first. Well I thought I should update on that.

First of all, we have not moved and currently all we know is we plan to move in the near future, but not before baby number 3 makes its appearance. Luckily, being co-sleepers, this will not be to big of deal in the beginning. Lets just hope we sort it out quickly, as I am sure 5 people in a two bedroom, second floor apartment will get old fast.

So what is happening?

Well were kind of have two plans sort of in the works at the moment.

Due to the encouragement from others, some changes in our money situation and some sacrifices I am willing to make (hello SAHM) we are re-visiting the bank for a house loan, hopefully sometime this month. My husband and I have been back and forth on this. We are not too hopefully and are not really in to being told we are pathetically poor again (although we don’t feel this way at all). It was not a pleasant feeling last time. But then we found this house:

This house is beautiful. It also have some history to it. It is from 1880 and used to be the towns old in. The inside has since been renovated and made into a house.

This house is big. It has 4 large bedrooms up stairs. That’s right, one for everyone. The kitchen is huge, there is a dining room, living room tv room, and a couple other rooms in the main part of the house. Attached to the side of the house is this:

There are 3 rooms a bit seperate from the main house. This part of the house has its own entrance from out side. I see studio space. I see so much potential. Between the historical house, a beautiful garden (oh my the work) and actual studio space it all just seems perfect to really have my photography career I have always dreamed of.

I see a house my family will never grow out of. I see a house we never will have to move from. I see a future happy career here. Yes I am in love with this house. I want it soooo bad.

Oh did I mention that it is at an incredible price right now. It is very cheap, and not just cheap for this size and kind of house, like cheap overall.

There are a couple minor drawbacks. The town it is located in has pretty much died. There is nothing there, not even a grocery store. There is a school for the younger ages though. This is okay as the next town with groceries is only minutes away, and a large center is only 14 km away.

Because of its age and style, if anything should go wrong with the house we would have to call in a specialty contractor and this could be expensive. Because of this, when we go have a look at this house, we will also have one come out and inspect the place and let us know if it is okay. The entire inside has been renovated, and from the pictures the house side seems to be okay. But better safe than sorry.

The roof. It is a hay roof. This itself is not a problem, more of an added expense. It looks to be in good shape as well, however these types of roofs come with an big increase in house insurance.

All that being said. I want this house.

*On a different note, if you love Rita’s Photoshop Actions over at The Coffeeshop Blog but don’t have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements keep an eye out for a new post on Sommerfugl Design sometime today (not sure when it will go up, we are all very sick today).