This seems to be a trend in my place. Here is the scenario.

The kids get sick. They pass it along to me and I get really sick. Kids get better. I am still very sick. Because we don’t have  a car, and picking the kids up at daycare involves my pregnant butt pushing a double stroller up a couple of hills on the way home, if I am sick, I don’t send the kids to daycare. It is just too much hard work getting them home.

This means I am at home, super sick with two crazy children. This has happened more often than I would like, but I know have mastered a way to survive these days and I am going to share them with you.

1. Choose a child friendly room, preferably one with a tv.

2. Make somewhere comfortable for yourself. For me this is usually the form of a matress on the floor, but a couch works too. Bring pillows, blankets, whatever you need to be comfy.

3. Stock up on food supplies for the kids. Them having a non-stop food supply is important. Dry cereal works great. Anything sticky… not so great.

4. Water bottles for the kids, fully loaded.

5. Forget about keeping said room clean. It will be a horrible mess at the end of the day. You just have to deal with that later.

6. Pack the room with all the kids favorite things. Don’t forget anything…

7. Herd everyone into the room. Lock you all in there, get in your comfy place and sleep.

8. Don’t even bother to try and do anything else. It just won’t happen. Get as much rest as you can.

9. I know it will be difficult in the beginning, but ignore your kids fighting. Most of the time its not serious. Just open your eyes and make sure there is not blood.

10. When you husband gets home from work. Release the kids and head to bed. He will be super happy with you 😉