sommerfugl photography and design

I know last week ( I think it was last week…) I was complaining about finding enough time, etc. I never really did say how things are going with my new business venture.

I will be honest, it is a real up and down thing. I had a really good month in June. July is slow going. I think it is largely to many people on holiday. I would really like to book a couple more designs before I reduce my services in the second half of August due to baby arriving. I am not sure I will, and that is okay, just not ideal.

I am working hard on getting the last areas of the design business up and going. This includes on online shop where I will sell pre-made Blogger and WordPress template for about 10 to 15 dollars. I also plan to get some textures, actions and brushes up there too, and maybe some graphics (but not sure about that last one). I have already set of a shop add on Facebook (you can see it here, I do have one thing up so far) and will continue to soft launch stuff there until I can get the website store up and running.

I feel the website is getting close to how I want it to look and feel, and in general I am pretty happy with how things are going on it. It is growing each week (last week it grew by over 200 views and finally hit over 5000 pageviews). I think in regards to the blog, July is going to be a great month.

My photo-a-day link up is gaining more people linking up (by the way, come in up your photo’s, I command thee!) and I really enjoy getting the chance to feature other peoples photography each week. I have also refined the content that will be on there. I have had so many readers comment on how they do not have PS/PSE, but would still love to be able to do the things I was showing. Well, pretty much from now on I will be doing all GIMP and other free program tutorials. Rita over at The Coffeeshop Blog gave me the go a head to take all her tutorials and GIMP them, so that is what I am working on now.

I am still planning on launching a photography business here in Denmark, but for the moment have decided to focus just on the design business until after the baby is born

But that is what’s been going on over at Sommerfugl Design. It’s been demanding, exhausting and at sometimes downright frustrating, but I would not change a moment of it. I love it, and I love doing something that I enjoy. Now I just need to figure out how to take time away from it (we will save that for another post).

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