my lazy self has not taken a picture this week….

Today I had my 32 week check up, so I thought I might as well do a pregnancy update today.

In 10 weeks or less we will have our baby! It is great to finally be down to the last stretch. As you all know, I am not too fond of pregnancy (although the way I have been popping them out suggests otherwise). I am done with it. No more baby baking for me. This time it is a bit strange though. The last two times I was sure I would give birth early (although I did not). This time I have no feelings either way. Perhaps I learnt my lesson the last two times. There is also no huge need to prepare. Seriously, we have had 2 babies since 2010, one boy and one girl, what else could we need. We already have everything we need. Sure it would be nice to pick up a couple of outfits, but since the husband does not know the sex I can’t. It will just have to wait.

I got a pleasant surprise at the doctors office today when I stepped on the scale. I have gained over 25 lbs already! That is more than what I gained in the previous pregnancies and I still have about 8 more freaking weeks to go! I don’t get it either. I do not look nearly as big as I did the last two times. I have not gained much weight in my face, arms, thighs, anywhere. Even my boobs are not as big as the last times. Where the heck is all that weight? They say the baby feels to be normal sized, not big, not small. Don’t get it at all…

Morning sickness, in the morning has been my every day battle the last two weeks. If I get out of bed before 8 I am pretty much wreaked for the entire day. Granted it is a great excuse to sleep in. On the other hand it has put a damper on my productivity. I am only really alert and fully function from about noon until maybe 6 if I am lucky. After that zombie mode kicks in.

I am starting to stress about labor a bit. A bunch of these what ifs run through my mind.

What if my water breaks and labor starts right away and I am home alone. How would people get into the apartment with the door locked and the front apartment door locked? What the heck would I do?

What if I go into labor before 37 weeks and have to go to the hospital and end up giving birth in the taxi ride over (we don’t own a car).

What if my water breaks before 37 weeks and I follow my normal routine. Having to sit in the hospital for up to 12 hours waiting for my stupid insane fast labor to start would be a really long and boring day.

What if no one can come watch our kids?

What if, what if, what if. I guess I will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Let see what else is new.. hmmmm… I can’t get enough popsicle’s (and WordPress does not like this word).  They are pretty much all I want to eat.

Sleep is surprisingly okay, even though I feel like I haven’t slept for a couple of years (oh wait… that’s because I really haven’t… damn those children!).

Yeah… that’s about it.

Still, 25lbs! Was not expecting that today!