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So I kind of went missing in blog land last week. That is because we took a ‘vacation’. By this I mean we went and stayed at my father-in-laws summer house where he and his wife live when they are in Denmark. While this was not really a vacation per say, it was really great to have a change in scenery and another set of eyes on the kids.

It was surprisingly relaxing considering a couple of things.

Our daughter (like usual) decided this was a good time to get sick. The second day there she ended up with a fever. The next morning, right before we had a very important bank meeting ( again, as usual) her fever spiked (to about 40c/140). All she wanted to do was sleep and lay in bed all day, so off we went to the local doctor, where she puked on herself in the waiting room, and whipped her mouth on my shirt (you know, the one I was about to wear to the bank…).

The doctor gave her a look over, couldn’t see anything obvious (ear infection, rash, etc) and prescibed Panodi (danish version of tylenol) and rest. So off we rushed back to the summerhouse to drop her off (I kind of felt bad leaving my sick child, but it was in the trusting hands of her Nana) and attempt to make our bank appointment, which was still an hour drive away. We made it though.

The next couple of days were spent house hunting (the summerhouse is actually in the area of where we would like to move too) ( and more on this later…), talking to the bank, trying to find a decent internet connection so I could work, etc.

I know it doesn’t sound like much of a vacation, but it really was!

The kids had a great time being able to be outside all day long:

And I got the chance to take some pretty pictures:

How has your summer been?

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