Tomorrow we are going to try, once again, to start getting out daughter to potty train. If you have followed this blog, then you will know that we have tired many times without any luck.

If you are new here, is is the short of it. My daughter is just about 2 and a half. She knows what the potty is, how to use it, why to use it, and how to tell us before she has to go. Put her on the toilet, she screams and cries.

We have been at a total loss of what to do. She shows all the signs of being ready, she has even occasionally ran into the bathroom and started to take her diaper off, but something stops her at that point. If we go in and try and help that is the end of it.

However, today right before her bath I put her on the toilet and she freaked as usual. BUT then she told me that the “toilet eats”. Now I get it. She understands, but is afraid of the toilet! She thinks it is going to eat her bum. While this is entirely so adorable, it presents a problem. How do you potty train a child who this the toilet is going to eat her bum?

Now she has no issues with me or her father sitting on the toilet (It is a rare event for me to take a pee or poop without an audience of at least one of the children). So I am not sure why she is afraid it is going to eat her bum. But it is what it is, so at least now we can change up our tactics a bit.

So tomorrow is the day. My husband and I have agreed that we are actually going to try and push through an entire day and not give up. We are also taking a step further and going to see if our son will get interested as well ( I see being peed on in my future a lot this week….). We are going to avoid the adult toilet all together and just use the little kids potties that we bought a while ago  but have never used (well the kids have managed to sneak one of them into their toy pile..).

So wish us luck! I am in for a ‘shitty’ week 😀