Well, I actually hit 35 weeks tomorrow, but closes enough right? I have reached that point where I am just uncomfortable all the time. There is really nothing I can do, no position to find, to be comfortable. And sleep has become a lot of work to achieve. Heart burn has finally kicked in, and I seem to have to by laying just right (half way on my left side, propped up by pillows) to avoid being woken up by it.

I think the baby is going through a growth spurt again. The last few days I have been feeling pretty sick again, and a decent headache… again. This has by far been the worst pregnancy I have had for headaches.

On a more positive note, I have not gotten any new stretch marks yet, and none of the I already have have gotten bigger. I think this is because I am much smaller than last time.

Yesterday my husband told me how dumb I have become in this pregnancy (in a loving way). And he is right.I have forgotten everyone’s birthdays, lost my wallet and keys numerous times, and can’t not seem to remember anything for more than a couple of minutes. If I was supposed to email you, and you haven’t received something from me. I have forgotten. I’m sorry. Send me a new email and bug me.

So yeah… that is where I am this week.