Um… it’s Friday…. did you know that? Because I didn’t! Where did the last week go? If you were wondering where Inspired Tuesday was, I will be honest I forgot. I think I will put Inspired Tuesday on hold until after the baby,  because I can barely keep track of small little things such as my wallet or keys, let alone remember to blog post.

Yep, that’s right, I have gotten so forgetful these last few weeks. At any given time you will see me staring off into space as I try and remember what it was I was just or was going to do. At least I haven’t forgot to pick my kids up from daycare yet.

As of today I am 36 weeks and  3 or 4 days. My midwife and her alternate came to our house a couple of days ago to go over the home birth. It was just a nice casual thing. Mostly for them to see where everything was, where I wanted to give birth, and things I did and did not want while I was in labor. We also went over what we should do, should the baby come before they get to our place. It also gave the kids a chance to meet them, so they won’t be complete strangers when one of them shows up at our place.

This will be our second home birth, but I think this one will be better than the last. In the last town we lived in, it was just which ever midwife from the hospital was on call that came to the birth as long as they have done one before. Many of them have not done many home births (but they love the chance too). Because of this, they still followed hospital procedure, and being not completely comfortable in the setting were not as flexible.

This time around we are in a bigger city, and they have a set of 4 midwives that do mostly home births. My midwife is actually one of the ones that pushed to get this started. Experience makes such a difference and I feel more comfortable than I did last time. She is used to ‘catching’ the baby in different positions. If I want to stand, I can. I can be in whatever position I want to be in, an option that my last midwife at birth was not comfortable with. This makes me happy. I hate the pushing part, and being on my side or back makes it harder (watch I will probably end up that way anyways). ANYWAYS…. I am excited for our home birth, but not looking forward to the labor/pain part….

While at our place, they also measured the baby, checked the heart rate and position. Baby is looking to be about 6lbs. Heart rate was a little fast, but it was being very active at the moment, so that is pretty normal. The baby has dropped and is pretty settled. My fundal height has not changed much since my last appointment, so there is not a whole lot of room in there, so it is very unlikely the baby can come back up at all. Neither of my last two babies have dropped this early (my son didn’t drop until near the end of labor), so basically I could go into labor anytime now, or not. You never really know.

How am I feeling? Tired… and lazy. I don’t have a hospital bag packed should I go into labor before 37 weeks, and I have yet to dig out all the baby clothes (today’s to-do list). All I want to do is sleep. I am also getting very sore. And… I am a master waddler!

I have gone into ‘false’ labor twice in the last week or so. Yesterday the contraction actually prevented me from napping, which was super annoying. The faded out in the evening though.

So that is where I am. Just waiting now, trying to finish up all my work before the baby arrives.