Okay well not really, but the seem to be a source of trouble in our household. Mainly with my son. So here is the story.

Back a Christmas, while visiting my brother and his wife, my brother introduced my kids to Animal Crackers. They.Were.Hooked. It was pretty much all they wanted to eat, and of course, being the cool uncle and all, they were fed them pretty much non-stop. I was okay with it. Aunts and Uncles, especially ones that rarely get to see our kids can spoil our kids how much the like.

When it was time for us to head home, my brother made sure to send a couple of bags back with us. I made sure to make these last. But my son was addicted. He had to have them all the time. If not, tantrums ensued. The earth would begin to tremble as if it was the end. We shed many tears over those cute animal crackers. Again, luckily, not long after we ran out my brother send a package of stuff, and of course, more animal crackers.

My son was in heaven. He could feed his addiction once more. But sadly, the end of the bag came, we went through painful withdrawl, and thus ended that. You see we don’t have animal crackers here in Denmark.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago.

We went to the beach. It was a great, fun time!

But before hitting the beach we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some supplies. There in a front bin where something that resembled animal crackers, but these were letters.

My dumb pregnancy brain must have blocked out all memory of the past and I thought ‘Awesome the kids are going to love these!’ and I threw a bag in the cart.

Well I was right, the kids love them, more specifically my son loves them. The moment we get in the door, home from daycare he runs to the kitchen and starts freaking out for them. And when I say freaking out.. I mean stomping feet, crying and the verge of total meltdown freaking out.

Sigh…. and so here we go again. We are out of them, so tomorrow we start the ‘animal cracker’ detox again.