This weekend was full of up’s and downs. It was both a good weekend and a very crappy weekend.

Saturday just sucked. I was tired, not feeling well and my husband had to work. This meant I was on my own with my lovely two monsters most of the day. They weren’t really bad per say. Just too much for me to handle and I was having long and strong and sometimes painful contractions every time I moved. My son thought Saturday was a great day to use me as a jungle gym. It was a long day.

I could  not wait until nap time. I wanted to nap. My children had other plans

This is my kids ‘napping’….

That mess pretty much sums up my Saturday.

Sunday the kids woke up in a great mood. We decided to head out and go grocery shopping early, and amazingly it went smoothly (normally shopping with two toddlers is a nightmare for us). We decided to go to a park on the way home for about an hour.

It was really great. We had been to this park before, but it was in the late fall/early winter. We kind of wish we had come here more this summer. It is nice to be able to find a little peice of nature in the middle of the city! Our walk around this path tuckered out the kids and nap time was a breeze!

After the kids napped we decided to go to the local play ground before dinner. We did this. We had fun, then headed home to have dinner.

We were not even home for 5 minutes before things went down hill. My son had got up on the step stool to ‘help’ with dinner, but fell. He was hystarical, but this isn’t so abnormal. My husband handed him to me (because he is a momma’s boy) and I noticed he was extremely pale, and that he was not moving his one arm, and kept reaching for it and crying. Seeing as his had just broke the same arm in April I was concerned right away. So off to the hospital he and my husband went.

5 hours later it was determined that his elbow is broken. He was sent home in a cast and told a children’s doctor will review the x-rays and let us know if he would need surgery Monday. He was not to eat or drink anything just in case.

Well I didn’t sleep at all due to worry. I was not prepared for my little boy to have surgery. I also had these visions of me going into labor as all this was happening. What a mess that would be!

Morning came around. My son was very grumpy about not being able to have breakfast, and the doctor called around 9:30.

As of the moment no surgery is needed. He will be x-rayed again later this week to make sure the bones are staying in place and we will go from there.

For the most part he seems to be okay, just sore. And being a boy, he is still trying to be all over the place so he keeps bumping it and getting up set.

So that was my weekend. What did YOU do this weekend?