Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at

Being 38.5 weeks pregnant I feel anything but sexy. To be honest after spending the greater part of the last 3 years pregnant I am more than ready to feel sexy again!

When I was approached by EdenFantasys to write a blog post in exchange for a gift card I was, at first, hesitant. First of all, they are an online sex store, second Iwould have to blog about something that I am a bit self conscious sharing. However I was impressed by the communications with them and how their site looked.

Once I starting looking at their stuff, I kind of got excited (no…. not in THAT way…). I will be honest, I love looking at lingerie, and they have a great selection which I think everyone can find something.

I really like this babydoll and panty set:


 I also have  secret to share. I have always wanted to go out on halloween wearing one of those sexy costumes. I love this Alice in Wonderland one.

Okay I think I am just really in love with the stockings.

I really have no idea what I will purchase from EdenFantasys. They have a such a large selection of everything! The Body and Beauty section also has a lot of produces I would love to try. Either way I can’t wait to look more and decided on some things that will help me feel and look sexy again once this baby is out.