I have a serious debate going on in my head right now. I can not decided what I want to wear while I am in labor.

I should probably mention that I am not a plan my outfit kind of girl. I usually just throw on whatever, and it is usual whatever is the most comfortable thing I have that is currently clean enough (poop or pee no… a little bit of snot or food okay).

So this is my problem:

Automatically I think of some comfy pants and a tank, and have a sweater if I am cold. BUT, lets face it once the midwife arrives the pants will probably come off, and depending on how fast things are moving, they probably won’t come back on. I also get super hot when in labor, and probably will want them off anyways. I also find it extremely weird to be in a shirt and with nothing on below. It is just uncomfortable, even more so if I am moving around trying to find a comfortable position. BUT, honestly at that point all I will be thinking about is the labor itself and I really won’t care at all. But still, the thought of my midwife and husband sitting there looking at me half naked, moaning in pain is not an ideal picture in my mind.

So my second option is using a nightie. No having to put pants back on, and I will be covered, yet there will still be easy access for the midwife to do whatever. This sounds like a winning option to me. BUT, the only nighties I have are on the more.. um… sexier side. And I am cheap, I am not going to go out and buy one. I do have one that is just red with white pokka dots on it and there isn’t really anything fancy about it, however my husband bought it for me for valentines. I don’t think he would ever look at it the same way. Scratch that… he is a guy… he probably won’t even remember what I wore during labor. I am worried however that I will get hot in this, and want it off in the middle of pushing..

Perhaps I should just go out full nude….

(Yes this means I have not had the baby yet…)