Dear Friday: So  far you have been a productive day. And I am feeling pretty good. Thank you!

Dear Baby: You are more than welcome to come out now! Before your due date (Tuesday) would kind of be nice. I am ready to meet you, and can’t wait to share with the world what you are!

Dear Daughter: I really love that you think you are a little grown up and that you have the right to do things your way. However you just don’t have the life experience yet to know what should and should not be done and when. So for now, even though you do not agree, you need to listen to what I have to say to you. Screaming and throwing a fit is not the best response either.

Dear Son: Stop breaking bones! Seriously your arm and elbow in 4 months kid? And you’re not even 2years old. Also, I am not a jungle gym.

Dear Husband: I love you. Thank you for being you.

Dear the rest of my family: I probably won’t tell you I am in labor unless I am 100% sure the baby is going to be coming out that day.

Dear Camera: I miss you and I am sorry I have not taken you out at all lately. I promise you will see a lot of action once the new arrives!

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