One day I want a grown up bed room. You know, one that is more than some blankets with covers thrown here and there on the bed. One that does not have night stands cluttered with stuff, one where everything matches. Something like these that I have found on Pinterest (clicking the image will take you to the pin).


One thing that I know I want to do is put up artwork. This provides me with a whole other problem. What kind of artwork do I want in my bedroom. My first thought is photography, but I don’t think I want it to be my own. But I think I want something a bit different, something a bit more less unknown that has that one of a kind feeling. Perhaps something from an artist such as Han Bing. I would love to have a bedroom that has that gallery like feel to it. Interesting artwork to look at. Finding places to buy this kind of artwork, I think, can be difficult. I don’t want to walk into any place and buy just some print. I want something different, but I also want something that is quality and I don’t want to pay a ton of money for it, because, lets be honest, being a free lance designer/writer/photography is not always the best paying job!

When it comes to the time when I can finally decorate a house, and an adult looking bedroom I will probably spend a lot of time on Pinterest (or whatever sites are around at that time) to gain ideas, then end up on a site such as ArtStar to find that something, that piece of artwork that feels special, different and doesn’t look like something I picked up from Ikea.