Did you know I recently opened a small design shoppe? It is mostly cheap, D.I.Y. blogger templates, but in the future I hope to add more elements, more printable and more textures.

Here are a couple of the newest items in the shoppe:

Interested in trying out one of the blogger templates for free? Send me a message through my contact form and let me know which one you would like to try.

In other news…. yep I am still pregnant. Due date is set for tomorrow. I don’t have any feelings that the baby is going to come in the new few days though. It seems pretty comfortable in there! I am more than ready for it to come out though ( have I said that already….). I want to be able to bend over and pick something off the floor, and to easily be able to pick up my kids again!

And I have to say, dealing with toddler tantrums at 40 weeks pregnant is an interesting, difficult task!

Hopefully soon I will be posting a welcome baby post.