Yesterday day (actually today, but I am setting this post for tomorrow) was just one of those days. You know, one of those ‘what else can go wrong’ kind of days. Here is a breakdown of how the day went.

– Wake up early due to sore as heck hips.

– Get one post up.. then my work computer (with all my stock images, business paperwork, and business work, not to mention all our photos…) pop up with a box saying that there is a hard disk failure. Luckily it allows me to do a back up before having to shut down the computer and send it off to the manufacture. So I start the backup….

– Move to husband computer to see if there is some consulting work today. Website refuses to load on his computer…

– Move to couch with old lap top. Website loads on this computer. Yay there is work…. boooo only 7 minutes of it (this really sucks!)

– Decided to try and sew some daddy flats. Apparently flats here are smaller than ones in the US… I don’t know… but the one I made was super small and won’t last long. I actually cut two to sew… however after the machine jammed on my 4 times on the first one.. I decided to give that up..

– Check on computer backup… uh oh… computer went to sleep… backup failed. Restart the backup.. go make some lunch.

-Check on backup again after eating… back up failed… this happened again twice more before I gave up on trying to back up. I was however able to make backup copies of all my files before shutting down the computer… still… I am going to have to re-download/install a lot of programs when it comes back… sigh…..

– decided it is not my day. Go have a bath. Bath goes smoothly.

– Feeling a bit off, so I decided to lay in bed and stream some tv on my old laptop… but nothing wants to stream that well. I half watch shows, I half snooze.

– 3pm rolls around, I feel sick, but need to pick up kids.

– It pours on me on the way there… I am soaked as I have no jacket at the moment that fits.

– Get kids, strap them in stroller. They fight, my daughter screams at the top of her lungs  ALL THE WAY HOME.

– I am so over dealing with the kids once I get home. I am tired, cranky, and having braxton hicks from the stress. I feed kids digestive cookies and turn on the tv to keep them happy until their dad gets home.

– Dinner? Forget that… I ordered pizza… kids didn’t eat any… to many cookies before dinner time… more pizza for me.

Yep… that is exactly how I imagined I would be spending my due date… I would have much rather spent it in horrible pain.. at least there would have been a baby at the end of it.

The funny thing is… I am not overly worked up about today.. and have been in a pretty even mood all day (with exception with the scream child the entire walk home.. I was pretty annoyed then). In some ways, my computer breaking is nice.. it means I really need to take a break from design work  now.  As for the rest of it… meh… I am just to tired to care..