Well early this morning I got a text message from my midwife asking if I could come into the midwife center for a check-up today.

We discussed what happens now that I am just about 41 weeks. Wednesday I will call the hospital to make an appointment for a ultrasound and some monitoring. This will probably happen Thursday or Friday. At this point I will be offered to be induced that day, but if everything looks fine I can choose to wait until next week.

She then checked the baby’s heart beat, felt for the position etc. The baby has rolled a bit, which is good news as we are wanting it to roll so its back is facing the front. It is now on the side. She also said that it felt like the baby was super low, any lower and it would be coming out.

At this point she offered to strip my membranes. I was hesitant as any cervical checks with my previous pregnancies were painful. My cervix tends to sit high, so add that to the idea of fingers being swirled around in my cervix didn’t sound pleasant at all. However, I am done with this pregnancy and decided to give it a try. The cervix around 75% effaced and maybe 1 cm dilated. Just soft enough for the sweep. It was also very low, which was awesome. The whole process was relative painless, just some cramping in the back as she swept. She also confirmed that the baby IS low. She was able to feel the head with her finger, and all I can imagine is the little baby getting a nice little head massage haha.

So here is hoping the sweep works and I have this baby in the next couple of days. I would still like to avoid being induced…