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Okay on to today’s post.

I am now 10 days over due and I am done with being pregnant. So of you know we were planning a home birth, and that is still something we would really really like to have. I hate hospitals and find them to be the most stressful place to be. However, I am not sure that is going to happen anymore.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the hospital. Once there I will have an ultrasound and a stress test. Once that is done a midwife will come and talk to me about my birth options. I will be offered to be induced tomorrow, however I can choose to wait a few more days if everything is fine with the baby.

As much as I want a home birth, and a natural birth, I think I will probably choose to induce tomorrow. I know it is only a few more days until I hit 42 weeks, but I am so over being pregnant. I have had a very difficult time feeling connected to this baby, and I feel that I really need to hold it. I need to start the bonding process, and waiting 4 more days for that opportunity feels like it would be years. I am also more than ready to be able to play with the two toddlers I have, and cuddle with them without a huge belly in the way. My son actually gets upset because he can not  get comfortable with me.

Emotionally I need to have this baby now. I am sure all pregnant woman feel that way, so I feel a bit whinny saying so. In some ways I feel like I am letting myself down for not pushing through those last few days… but in other ways, having it planned for tomorrow is a relief.

We also are able to plan having someone to watch the kids. Something that has been a bit of a stress issue for us. Knowing that this is now taken care of is a huge relief!

So tomorrow I plan to induce. I plan to be holding my new baby by Saturday. That being said… I am going to ask if it will be possible to have my water broken instead of going the drug route. We will also ask, if my water is broken, if we can go home and continue on with our home birth. If not, then I will see if it is possible to have a water birth, another natural route that I have wanted to try. So I am still faithful that I can have the natural birth I want, but perhaps not in the place I want, and not starting the way I would like.

Either way, wish me luck!

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