Olivia, 7.7lbs and 54cm born Sept. 21 at 6:26pm

SHE is here. Finally. And here I am, having just fed her at 3 in the morning, a couple days later, feeling the need to get up and write her birth story. You see, this is probably the only time of day where I will be able to capture a moment to myself. I wonder if I will be able to write this all in one sitting before being interrupted. Probably not, but here it goes.

As most of you know, Friday morning my husband and I headed to the hospital in the morning to see how Olivia was doing in there. First up was the ultrasound. Everything was good. Then we had a 30 minute stress test. She passed with flying colors. Then I was told I could choose to wait to Sunday at the latest to go naturally, or I could be induced that day. After much debated with myself, I knew in my heart that she would not be here by Sunday, and I decided to call my midwife and have her come in and do an induction. I should probably say, this was a very emotional morning and I was in a very crappy mood. I wanted my home birth. I hate hospitals.

We decided to meet the midwife at 1pm in l&d. She was really awesome, and was very geared to try and make this happen as naturally as possible. She got a room with a tub, and one that was on another floor away from all the stress and excitement/commotion of the l&d ward. We discussed how things would happen. We discussed having my water broken the night before, and that is the route we were going to try for. She explained that once the water is broken if no labor happens after 2 hrs they are supposed to start a drip to induce, however she would try and hold out as long as we could as long as everything looked okay. First though, she would have to check me, then I would have to be monitored a bit again so they could get a baseline for heart rate activity.

We she checked me, we got some disappointing news. I still had some effacement left and was only 1 cm dilated. I had made no progress what so ever the past week despite the many contractions I was having. I was dilated enough to break the water though. So before that I was strapped to the machine and Olivia’s heart rate was monitored for about 20 to 30 minutes. However, things had changed since this morning. Right away her heart rate was uncomfortably high. We at first attributed this to her being very active, however it was a sign that it was time to induce, so the midwife went in and broke my water. I was told that once the baby decided to relax a bit and her heart rate come down, I could get up and go walk around, or get in the bath tub. But even though Olivia decided to calm down, her heart rate didn’t. At this point I had started to have some contractions. Nothing major, nothing even close to long enough. Because of her heart rate, it was decided that she needed extra monitoring to get a clearer picture of what is going on. This was done by an electrode pinned to her head, which a cable. This also meant being hooked up to the monitor the rest of the labor. We had some issues with this as well, as they kept disconnecting and I had to have a new one placed about 6 times throughout the labor.

After some more monitoring, and her heart rate still being too high, the head midwife called down and ordered a blood sample from the baby. They needed to how the levels in the blood were to see if I would need an immediate c-section. My midwife said she wasn’t too worried that I would, but we had to check to be safe. Now to do this, they need to get a sample of blood from the babies head. This has to be done with a doctor and the head midwife in the room. This is how they take the blood. Basically, they take this metal tube (my husband described it as a largish hollow metal dildo looking thing), and place it up against the cervix so they can see the head, and draw some blood. I would like to say that it sounds more uncomfortable than it really is, but no… not really. Especially if you were like me, and was not dilated enough for them to see the head clearly. The first doctor tried a couple of times, with me in a couple of positions, but decided to call another doctor who my husband referred to as McDreamy later on (he was pretty good looking…). More multiple attempts, no success. However… apparently Olivia enjoyed the process, and during all this her heart rate went down to normal levels. Thankfully, because of this they decided to stop trying to get blood, and said they would be back later once I dilated more (I was at 3 at this point). Thank goodness… I really just wanted to left alone at this point. After this another electrode was placed to her head, and I was able to kind of relax.

I was still having contractions, and while more intense, they were short and irregular. On the extra monitoring, events staring popping up, so once again the doctor was called down to have a look. It was decided that they were minor, and since the heart rate was now good we could wait a bit before further action had to be taken. However, I was given a deadline of 5 pm (the doctor wanted it started earlier, my midwife managed to convince him to wait until 5). I needed to start showing progress by then, or else the drip had to be started. 5 pm came.. I was still 3cm dilated, and still had some of the cervix there. No progress. So the drip was started.

Contractions picked up right away. They became intense, still not long, but intense. At one point she turned the drip down because I wasn’t getting a break. I was in a craptastic mood at this point, and really did not want anyone talking to me. It also felting like it was taking forever for the contractions to form some sort of rhythm. At some point I rolled on to my side. I suddenly felt pushy, told the midwife, then my body started pushing. The midwife jumped up and started getting everything ready, then quickly came to check me. I had already hand another contraction that I pushed through. She told me I was fully dilated, but there was still a lip of cervix blocking the head, she told me to push next contraction and she was going to push that back to help the head through. Before she could finish telling me this I was already pushing. That contraction got the head through the cervix and Olivia started to crown. Couple more pushes and she was out. It probably would have been one, however the midwife slowed it down to prevent tearing, and Olivia’s arm was up by her face. We had all been caught off guard by the sudden pushing, and for a moment it was a bit frantic, but in the end, despite everything Olivia was perfectly okay and began nursing almost immediately. We were released a couple hours later ( I wanted out of there) and we were home by 10pm and we all good a good nights sleep.