First of all I want to say thank you for all your lovely comments! I am sorry that I haven’t had time to respond to them, but I appreciated every single one of them!

We have been busy, and not just the usual we have a new baby busy. It seems that we have been out of the apartment almost every day since Olivia was born. This is what our week has looked like so far:

Friday: Olivia arrived, we were home around 10pm

Saturday: We spent the day at home, but had company most of the day.

Sunday: To the hospital for Olivia’s heal prick and hearing test, as well as a consult about breastfeeding, as by this point I am in a lot of pain, cracked and bleeding. Olivia was tongue tied.

Monday: Call specialist to have her tongue tie looked at. We get in at noon, her tongue tie is sever, so they clip it.

Tuesday: Elisabeth has a dentist appointment in the morning. Her dad takes her. We also have a visit from the young children’s nurse who will be following me and Olivia for the next year. This is at home, so of course we clean up… a bit..

Wednesday: We need to pick up a few things from the store, which ends up being 3 stores.

Thursday (today): Hubby has a doctors appointment.

Friday: Guests in the morning, then again after dinner.

Saturday: More guests.

Take all that, plus learning to adjust to an apartment with two toddlers and a baby and I am pooped. I am also paying for it. I need to remember to rest and my body is demanding it. Yesterday I woke up with a bunch of after pain contractions and a slight increase in bleeding, today I have a wonderful headache.

I really want to be up and about, and spending time with my two toddlers when they get home from daycare, or at the very least be in the same room as them since Olivia is attached to me most of the day. I want to play with them, pick them up etc. During the day, when they are gone, I want to do normal things. Go grocery shopping, clean up, work, and of course spend time with Olivia. And for the most part that is what I have been doing. I kind of forgot that giving birth, however natural, is still kind of big deal on the body. And my body is telling me that now.

So today, I will not be super mom. I am going to be lazy mom. I am going to spend the day in bed, feeding and cuddling my new born and catching up on all the new shows and episodes that are coming out. I am going to give myself some much needed rest.

To all my mommy blogger friends who are also about to have a baby. Don’t forget to rest up. Take a day or two (or even better as long as you can) and just relax with your newborn. Your body will thank you for and you get some great bonding time with your new family member.