I have decided to start a new series on my blog called Letters To My Children. Each week I am going to write a letter to one of my children each Sunday. Perhaps in a could of weeks I will make it a link up.

Dear Elisabeth

You are my oldest, so I am starting with you. I want to let you know, that we do not have plans to bring another sibling into the mix in the next year. Your baby sister is the last, so you needn’t worry. I am very proud of how well you have accepted Olivia into the family. You have not shown an jealously yet even though Olivia is in my arms almost all day. You are eager to help, and to sooth her when she cries. At times you even push my hands away trying to take over. You even try (although not always successfully) to be gentle with her. It is very sweet of you. I even think it is sweet that you have now named my boobs ‘baby’s milk’. How you know that it is milk coming from my boobs I have no idea, since you started calling them this from day one, before there was any milk to be seen. You are just smart I guess.

In all your sweetness, we are in frustrating times with you. Even though your language skills have blossomed over the past months, you still have a hard time communicating your needs and wants to us. Because of this you resort to screaming. Kid we love you, but we really want you to talk to us, or at least TRY to talk to us. You are also in this defiant age. You want to push boundaries every day which drives me insane. I know it is part of the deal of having a toddler, but do you really need to stand on the couch after we have repeatedly asked you not to?

Also, just because I am breastfeeding Olivia does not mean you have a free pass to do whatever you want. I have to give you credit, you have figured out that when I am feeding Olivia I can’t really get up and come stop you from whatever you are doing, but here’s the thing, your dad is home, and I am just going to call him to deal with you. If Olivia is not eating, I will put her down, and I will deal with you as well.

You and your brother have been really cute together (when you are not fighting). They other morning, while you were still in your crib, you brother came running into your room and you roared at him. This totally freaked him out and he came running to our room. Perhaps not funny to him, but your father and I thought it was hilarious. We have now heard you roar at your brother a couple of times now, and it makes me smile. I look forward to many more moments like this.

With love


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