Desirae R

I believe that all posts can inspire someone else. Blog hops are a great way to find each other, so I therefore invite you to link up your blog posts every Tuesday here. The rules are simple: link up any blog post, there are no required themes, and it does not have to be about photography. It can be about anything. I would appreciate if you could link back to me, but you don’t have too. That’s it. Looking forward to seeing your posts this week! Oh and the link up is open all until Sunday. Also if you tweet your posts.. it would be great if you could use the hashtag #inspiredtuesday 🙂

Thanks to everyone who linked up last week! We had a couple new people. I am sorry to say though, I was not able to comment on everyone’s blog posts. I am sure you understand. Finding time is a bit difficult these days with a new baby and 2 toddlers running around. I hope to be able to comment on everyone who links up this week!