Well after numerous comments about our son  looking like a girl, we decided it was time to cut those lovely goldilocks. Yesterday morning I sent him and my husband to the hairdresser. However, the one that is closest to us doesn’t due children who are this young. So off they went to the store and bought some hair trimmers. To be honest, this was much easier anyways. The hair trimmers cost about the same as one haircut.

I set Julius up in front of the tv with like the only tv show he kind of likes on. At first he was curious about the noise, but he was never really scared of it. I did most of his hair with him bent forward. For some reason this was really funny to be in this position. I didn’t really think so though. Part way through, my husband took over because he wanted to give it a try as well. Julius seemed to enjoy the whole process except at the very end where he was starting to get a bit impatient.

Perhaps is the the post pregnancy hormones, but I am a bit sad, no actually I am in mourning of his golden locks. Well not so much his hair, but his sweet baby boy look. It is gone. He looks so different, more grown up. I feel like we slammed shut the baby boy, and fully released the toddler boy, and there is no going back. Don’t get me wrong, he look freaking adorable like this, but… it just isn’t the same. And, now as the tears are coming back again writing this, I better finish up this post.

Sigh…. why do they have to grow up.

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