I have been waiting for a decent, bright enough day to give a go at some newborn pictures with Olivia. She is two weeks old tomorrow, so I knew I was missing that window (and I think I pretty much did miss it) where they are sleepy enough to be posed. Well today we had a bright sunny day, but no matter how much I fed Olivia, she just wasn’t too interested in being posed.. at all. That being said, I think I got some decent shots today.

I can’t wait to do some for my soon to be arriving nephew in the next couple of weeks. I think not being the mom (Olivia wanted to eat me any time I got near her) will be an advantage. Thank goodness my husband was around today to help settle Olivia. Here are some of the shots I have edited so far (and yes, you get b&w and color, because I can’t decide which I like better):

I should mention.. I had no props, and I was sad that I don’t have any knit hats, hair bands or anything of the like. I just made do with a bunch of blankets, a book and a pot that was outside on the balcony. I think for a first attempt at newborn photography, I did pretty well. We also figured out why her diapers leak all the time… the girl pee’s… a lot… probably too much at a time for the diaper to absorb fast enough..