I think I may start having a random Saturday post.. we will see if I can make a habit of it..

Anyways, do you ever find yourself on YouTube  just randomly watching video after video? No, just me? Well, I have a bit of time now in front of the computer while I feed Olivia and sometimes I just get caught in that mindless cycle of video watching.  One video I stumbled upon (and really I have no idea how) is one about Varsity Tutors. For some reason (perhaps I still have all the back to school blogs posts that I read in the back of my mind) this brought up memories of high school.

In my senior year I wanted to be a geologist. This meant some heavy requirements of grade 12 Chemistry, Math and Calculus as well as others. I will be honest, Chemistry and Math were not my thing. With in a month of the course I was pretty demotivated. I wasn’t doing well, but to get into the program I wanted I needed high marks. The thought of a private tutor never crossed my mind. I ended up dropping these courses, after meeting my future husband in the middle of these courses, and deciding I wasn’t going to get the grades anyways. Plus I was having too much fun spending every extra moment I had with my guy.

But I wonder, what if I had sought out the help of a tutor and brought my grades up. Would I have dropped my classes so easily if I had a A or B in them? I don’t think I would have. Then another thought crosses my mind. Where would I be today then? Would I be living in a foreign country, married with 3 children at 26? Or would I be a super cool geologist out in the field somewhere.

Then I think… how did I go from geologist to business degree to blog designer and photographer?

Then I think, this pretty much sums me up in a way. I can never decide what I want to do. I love geology, it is so fascinating  Business.. well I really don’t know where that came from… BUT I am passionate about my creative side, and I am loving my new career of blog designer and soon to be photographer.

Yep… a random video about tutoring made me think of all these things… Perhaps I should get more sleep… Can someone inform Olivia of this?