Dear Olivia

Today you are one month old, and I can’t believe it. Where did this last month gone? You have already grown so much. Last week at your check up you had grown just over half a kilo and a whole 3 cm’s. If you keep up on your height curve you will be the tallest of the bunch!

You are such a sweet baby, with the most adorable whiny cry. You almost never full out scream, but you do let us know when you are unhappy by ‘talking’ to us by making unhappy noises. You have also now been smiling for a couple of weeks. At first we did not believe that it was possible to have real smiles by your second week, but we were told by the nurse that this is because you came almost 2 weeks late. So we feel very lucky to have experienced these early smiles.

In the last week you have started to find your voice and are talking to us, or tigger, or the wall. You seem to love the corner in our bedroom. You often stare at it and smile and make noises at it. We think it is because of the contrast between the dark green wall meeting the white wall.

I am a bit sad that the month has gone so quickly, these moments of you being so small are passing. However I am excited for the months to come as we get to know you better, and you start showing your personality more and more.

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