We are moving to another town here this month (actually at the end of this week!!!) so this means I have been packing. Really I should say trying to pack, as it is pretty difficult to pack when toddlers want to use the boxes for other things or be packed themselves… But that is a whole other thing!

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We have moved a lot over the past few years. This will be my third move in Denmark alone and there is one particular thing that we really hate moving. Books. All my books. You see I have a book problem. I love books. All books both old and new. I collect them. It doesn’t matter if I have read them or not, I don’t throw away books. Ever. I dream of some day having my own personal library, or a book nook.

Now, a large part of my collection is text books from the various course I have take. I have Art History books, anthropology books, eCommerce books, design books, communication books and some other topics as well (the result of having taking 4 different majors, but only completing one of them…). Paking this books kind of sucks. They are super heavy! And I think to myself, a lot of them I will never read again (seriously… micro economics is sooo boring!!). I wonder if I should put them up for sale. I know text books can be super expensive (ppsst I recently found a great site to find the best deals on text books! Click for more information)(pppssst again… I love they design of the website…). BUT I have issues. I don’t NEED these books and I won’t read them again… BUT what if I do need them for reference? What if I did and I got rid of it? That would be horrible right? What if… what if…

Did I mention that I have a book problem?

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