I will admit in high school I did not watch a whole lot of TV. It wasn’t until I moved to Denmark and had months of nothing to do while I waited for paper work and school to start that I really started watching TV series. Now, being in Denmark I didn’t really have easy access to a lot of the American TV shows, but I managed to find old episodes online.

Now I am a TV series junkie, and will watch almost anything, but I have my favorites (save those for another week). However, there are a few series that are no longer playing… that I miss. Here are 5 in no particular order:

One Tree Hill

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This was probably one of the first series I started watching in Denmark. And I fell in love with it right away. I think I probably watched the first 3 seasons within a few days. I even continued to watch when they made the jump from high school to adulthood, which they managed to do okay with. I was very sad to have it end.

The Tudors

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Another one of my favorites and ones that I watched early on in Denmark. I loved this show so much that I made sure to have episodes of it on my laptop for when I was in the hospital in labor with my first. The show did run its course though.. but I would LOVE for them to do the story of Elizabeth.


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Not my usual genre, but my husband got me into this one. I really think it is Nathan Fillion’s charm. This is one series that ended way too soon!


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This one is more recent. I loved this show. It was actually one of my favorites playing at the moment. I had no clue it was ending until I watched the last episode. I was devastated! I cried. I am really not sure what will fill magical/historical TV needs at the moment (okay Game of Thrones has helped a bit).

Veronica Mars

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I couldn’t leave this one off the list. This was one of those TV shows that I had heard about, but didn’t think it was something I would enjoy. Wrong. This was such a fun series, it was pretty sad when it ended. However I am super excited about the movie that will be made due to their kickstarter project! If I could, I would donate just to get a digital copy of the movie.

So there is my 5 list for this week, but honestly there are a lot more series missing from this list! What are yours?