I think I missed my 5 post last week! Honestly life has been totally crazy around here. I plan to do a big update post on that maybe Thursday. But for now, how about some fun.

I have always loved Disney movies. Growing up a knew so many of them word for word. Yes, I watched that often. I was a lucky kid. I had a tv in my room and could watch movies all the time.

However, now that I have kids, I have started to watch Disney movies again. Does anyone else find them so different now? When you are kids you don’t pick up on the more ‘adult’ jokes or even adult themes. Very interesting to say the least. Anyways… here is a list of some of my favorite Disney characters.

1. Mater

So my son is totally into cars. We watch the cars movie at least once a day. Have you ever just say and listened to the lines Mater says? Hilarious.. seriously best character in the movies! He is the only reason why I have not thrown this movie out the window out of annoyance! Each time I pick up on a new funny thing he says.

2. Princess Jasmine

I just thought she was cool and pretty when I was younger.

3. Belle

Okay this is a big one. I loved Belle. I wanted to be her. And really what is not to love about her. She was kind, she loved books (hello library in the movie that I want…..) and I think she had the best Disney dress. She also had brown hair and brown eyes… just like me.. Thinking about it, I should have named my first born child after her. She was just awesome and a good all around character..

4. The fish tank fish 

Okay so this is more than just one character. But this group is always good for a little chuckle!

5. Marry Poppins

Favorite Disney movie of all time. I really wanted Marry Poppins to come to my home. I still cry every time in this movie when she leaves.
What are some of your favorite Disney characters?