A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my struggles with breastfeeding. I ended the post on a positive note, wish a plan in mind and the plan to continue to breastfeed.

Well I hate to say it but I am conflicted again. We took Olivia for her weight check at the doctors office. We left with a referral to see a specialist. Olivia just did not gain enough weight. I was very disappointed. It  wasn’t all bad. The doctor was very nice, and she said she doesn’t really think something is wrong, developmentally Olivia is ahead, she is very active, but we need to check it out to be safe.

Since about the same day we have been having a struggle with Olivia. We can not seem to get her to eat more than a few bites. Due to no allergies in the family we were given the green light to give her just about anything to find something she will eat. She doesn’t seem to want to eat anything.

She is also nursing less due to me working during the day. While I am working my husband gives her some formula. But that too is a struggle.. she will drink some, but never more than a couple ounces. She is no longer nursing or eating at night. I don’t think I am producing as much milk as before. She has become a bit fussy and is not as happy all the time as she used to be.

This stresses me out. A huge amount. The husband usually has more luck getting food into than I do. She will always take a boob from me, rarely food, and almost never a bottle.

We see the children’s nurse again this week. We do not know yet when we will see a specialist. I hope we can get some tips this week. We need her to eat and gain weight. I need her to eat food that I give her. My husband goes back to work here in a couple of weeks and I will be taking the role of stay at home mom again for a couple of months.

Anyone have experience with a picky baby that won’t eat? Got any tips?