Normally Mondays do not bother me. I actually have no problems starting a new week. Getting up Monday morning is fine since we don’t sleep in on the weekend.

However, today on this Monday.. it really was a Monday morning.

It was doomed from the start. We had a horrible night. My husband was/is sick. We ended up with Elisabeth in bed with us first. Not such a big problem. She was awake for a bit, but went to sleep quickly.

Olivia woke up constantly all night long..

Julius made his way to our bed, but had a huge temper tantrum because Elisabeth had already taken up the spot next to me. This resulted to him being dragged out of our room kicking and screaming and set back in his room.  He of course did not stay there, but he did come back quietly and joined us in bed. However, quiet was short lived, he HAD to be next to me. So I moved Elisabeth over and ended up squished between them…

Sean soon tired of going back and forth between our room and the girls room every time Olivia cried and took up residence in Elisabeths bed. I think we all got a couple hours of sleep after that.

Cue hectic morning…

I woke at my usual time of 5:45, hit snooze once and got up. I decided to be a good wife and get everything ready (school bags, lunch, clothes…etc) so everyone else could sleep in a bit. I did this, then got Olivia up first. She felt a bit warm to me, but my husband told me it was just because my hand were super cold. After about 20 minutes and feeling her burn up, we took her temperature. Fever. We then began to discuss who should stay home with her. We didn’t finish that conversation.

Elisabeth had been bouncing around on the bed, when she bounced into the radiator. Cue blood and a crying toddler. Cue crying baby due to fever flaring up. Cue frustrated sick father and flustered mother. Julius was unaffected, actually I really have no memory of him from this morning until it was time for me to take him to daycare. Scratch that.. I now remember chasing him around the house trying to change his diaper..

Anyways, it looked like Elisabeth had managed to cut a hole under her lip. So Sean took her to the hospital, and I took Julius and Olivia up to daycare and dropped Julius off.

This all happened before 7:30am. Elisabeth and Sean where home by 8 from the hospital. No stitches, the hole too small to worry about, we just need to keep an eye out for infection. We sent her to preschool. I don’t even think she was late…

The sick husband went to work. I spent my day dealing either with a crying screaming baby, or a baby that was sleeping on me. I got nothing done. But at least I got some cuddles…

How was your Monday? As exciting and mine?