So here I am, at the end of Day of of my 30 days with Shaklee. As promised, here are some beginning stat’s and picture.

Lets just get the pictures out of the way. These are probably some of the least flattering pictures ever taken of me. You will have to excuse them. It was early in the morning, the kids were being a bit crazy and I was trying to hurry to get to work. And yes.. I made them black and white because almost everything looks better in black and white.

IMG_0759 IMG_0761

Okay Now that those are posted I will let you know my starting weight. Right now I am sitting at around 62 – 65 kg. That is 136 to 143 lbs.

I know generally, this isn’t a lot. It’s not like I am over weight. However it is about 10 kg away from my target weight. I would like to be around 55 kg, or 120-125 lb. I am short, only about 5’2, so this isn’t unrealistic for me. This was the weight I was before I got pregnant with Olivia (yes the weight after having 2 kids back to back).

With my first two kids I had lost all my pregnancy weight within the first month after giving birth. This time around.. it is been a year and I have only lost about 10 of the 20 kg I gained.

I have also just generally been feeling crappy with my fybromyalgia and have fallen into some poor eating habits.

So I am using the Shaklee program for one month as a sort of reset. Reset into getting into better eating habits (i.e. having something for breakfast), and to get some needed nutrition in me, as I think I am probably missing some vitamins and minerals.

So how did my first day go?

Well this morning I woke up tired (kids have not been sleeping for like the last month) and a bit cranky. I had a lot of work to accomplish today and I was not looking forward it.

The first thing I did was take on of the metabolism boosting pills. I was planning on having a smooth right away, but got sidetracked a for a bit. The metabolism pill on an empty stomach made me feel like I was going to puke. So I whipped up a vanilla smooth. Nothing special, just milk and the powder mixed. I didn’t want to bring out the big blender and I don’t have one of those smoothie shaker things, so I used a Tupperware gravy shaker. Worked perfectly.

Over all it didn’t taste bad. I’m not a huge fan of the texture, but it was smoother than any other protein smoothie I have had before. I had this at about 8am. By 9:30 I was hungry so I had a couple apples.  By noon I was starving. I think it will take my body a couple days to figure things out and for me to not be so hungry after having a smoothie.

For lunch I had another smoothie. This time I decided to change things up. I made it with milk, but this time I had one scoop vanilla and one scoop strawberry and I threw in some frozen raspberries. To deal with the texture I drank it with a straw. Over all it tasted fine, but to be honest I was glad when I got to the bottom of the glass and didn’t have to drink anymore. I think I need to buy an ice cube tray (ice cubes are not all that big over here) so I can blend some ice into the smoothies.

Again it wasn’t long until I was hungry. At around 2 I decided to try a snack bar. A lemon cranberry one. I am a total fan of these. Tasted great, and it actually gave me that full feeling I was missing all day. I am extremely disappointed that the kit only comes with 10 of these bars. It will be difficult not to use them all up in the first week.

For dinner I just had what the hubby make, which was pizza.

Oh the metabolism pills… I am not 100% sure on them. I only took 2 of the 3. They sure made me pee a lot, and I also had a bit of a heart thing today. I have a condition where my heart will speed up randomly. It can be triggered by different things. It has been a while since I have had an episode, so I don’t know if it was related to the pills (I generally avoid anything green tea), or if it was just random. We will see.

Over all.. I am not overly thrilled, but I think my mood has a huge play in that. I am generally in a cranky mood today due to lack of sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.