quote0710How is your day going? Mine went okay. I woke up and my headache was still there, which sucked. But, we got the kids ready, I got ready for danish lessons and I grabbed a Chocolate and Peanut butter meal bar to have for breakfast on my way to class.

Out of everything I have tried so far, this is the best tasting. It kind of feels like I am eating a chocolate bar. Can’t go wrong with that! I have to say, I am kind of digging the meal bars over the smoothies. They keep me full much longer and there is no need to deal with that texture issue I have with the smoothies.

Today I had a newborn shoot (ps.. if you want to see a cute picture from today click here (ps ps.. it is always nice to like, share or comment on a facebook picture 😉 ) so I had to hurry home from danish lessons and get set up for that. I will be honest… I really did not want to have a shake today. Just the idea of it made me want to vomit, mostly because I was feeling terrible, my head was hurting and the thought of the texture just grossed me out.

So into the kitchen I went determined to eat something. However after standing in front of the fridge for a few minutes I saw I really didn’t have any options. So I grabbed a couple pickles and munched on them while I make my shake. Today I went with the Cafe Late again, but added a teaspoon of cocoa powder. As much as I didn’t want it, it went down fine and the texture really didn’t bother me much.

I am kind of impressed. Usually by the time I am done a newborn session I am starving. Not today. I actually wasn’t hungry again until dinner time.

I have also been drinking more water the last couple of days and I think that has helped with the hunger. I also tried the ‘tea’ today. I wouldn’t really call it tea. Mostly because, in my mind, tea is something  you have to steep. This stuff is a power that you just mix into water. It is more like warm juice that lacks any real flavor. It pretty much tastes like any mild herbal tea. It does have cafieen in it,  and since taking it my headache hasn’t been so bad, so I guess there is a plus to that.

I did’t take the metabolism pills today. I will try and remember them tomorrow. I am also hoping to start running tomorrow.