I’m proud, still haven’t cheated.. But… I have a made craving for ice cream, or cake or anything sugar or junk food at the moment. It will pass though, as I am too tired to go to the store and get anything.

Fybromyalgia is kicking my butt today. So much that at one point in class today I was almost in tears from the pain. Luckily it was nearly break time and I was able to get up and walk around, which helped a bit.

Due to my fybro pain I have decided it is probably best if I don’t start running just yet. Instead I am going to try and do some yoga or Pilates every second day. Today I pulled out my workout CD and did the pilates workout. My back and hips, and pretty much every bone popped through the whole thing.. I must be really tight and all jammed up. My headache is also still lingering.

So yeah.. that’s all I have to report today.