As the title says… and as you probably guessed since I have not been posting since day 4, I gave up on the whole Shaklee thing.

I would like to say, that it had nothing to do with the Shaklee product. I am very impressed with it overall. The taste of the shakes are by far better than any others I have tried and the meal bars are fantastic. Those things can keep me going for a long time. The support I also received has also been fantastic.

That being said, that first week for me was tough. I suffered through a 4 day migraine, had one day where I was okay, then woke up with an eye infection in both eyes that had me feeling pretty crappy.

That eye infection, after weeks of rotating sickness in our house, 3 months without an entire night of sleep, and a series of stressful events in my life (not to mention, full time language classes, and 3 jobs), was my breaking point. I just couldn’t deal anymore, and decided that right now, such a strict diet is just not good for me. It is not as important as dealing with the other stress in my life.

The week after the kids where home for the entire week for fall break, and my son thought this was a good week to turn into a complete temper tantrum throwing spaz. I was so strung out and exhausted (physically and mentally) that my husband banished me to sleep in my studio for 3 nights so I could get some rest. This helped. My head cleared a bit and decided to let a few things give. The Shaklee diet one, and I decided to not book anymore clients over the next two months, and to try and focus on my danish.

I also mostly took this past week off of Danish, worked on getting caught up on work, and giving myself some time. I opened up a bit to a friend here in Denmark about whats been going on with me over the last couple of months, and also informed the woman who is in charge of communication with the students at the school.

Talking to some people, giving myself some time has helped, and although I still feel extremely pressed, I don’t feeling like I am going to explode into a million pieces from all the pressure.

So I’m a big fat shaklee failure. But it’s okay, I am not going to beat myself up about it. I am still very glad that I have to products, and plan to use them, as they will still will make a good meal replacement in the mornings.