So remember that eye infection I had.. well… basically it was moving around my body making me feel horrible. After weeks of feeling sick, I went to the doctors a week and a half ago. My eyes were infected, I had started to have a bit of a cough.. and a never ending flow of snot.

The doctor checked my eyes out and said it looked like a virus. She took a blood test to make sure that it was indeed just a virus. My blood did not show any signs of infection. She said she predicted me to be better within the next week since I had already been sick for so long. She told me to come back if that was not the case.

The next day.. I started to get sicker.. and sicker. Over the past week, each day I have gotten sicker. Nights have been feverish, I cough until I puke. Not fun.

Saturday I had a customer cancel due to her son having pnemonia. I took the chance of a free day to do a maternity shoot out doors, which turned into 2 (which means I was out in the cold almost the entire day). I got this shot.. that I love:


However that night I payed for it.. high fever.. little sleep. Sunday was not much better. This morning I decided I needed to go back to the doctor.

When I got there I had a fever and could not stop coughing. Blood test showed that it is now more than a virus. I have pneumonia. 10 days of antibiotics.

Could not be a worse time for this, as this means no babies in the studio. I have two moms due this week, and had twins coming in on Saturday..

I also have my large and last written exam for my Danish lessons. For that.. the goal is to just make it though the exam and just pass.

So yeah… I love life…. at least I have some really cute kids.

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