It is almost 2014 and I can not wait to put 2013 behind me. What a crappy year for me, sure there was a bit of good in the year, but honestly it was mostly shit.

It began with the stress of moving. In march I ended up with a busted ear drum. Setting up a new home, with a new preschool for Elisabeth, and getting my studio done and up and running put a huge amount of stress on mine and my husbands relationship. Divorce was discussed, but ultimately decided that is NOT what either of us want. I had a bit of a fight with my brother, which left me feeling very disconnected with him and his wife. We had some sensory issues with Elisabeth in preschool which meant an adjustment to how our day to day needs to be structured. There was the whole father thing, which remains unresolved. September was the start of me being sick (I’m still sick..). My dog died. One of my cat from growing up died. The other cat I had while growing up died. There was a small cancer scare (negative thank goodness). Julius also seems to be having some sensory issues that we need to talk to a specialist about. It has just been a year of one thing after another after another.

So goodbye 2013.. you sucked and I won’t miss you!

As much as there was a large amount of suck, there was some good.

We moved into a house. Sure we don’t own this house, but it is MUCH nicer than being in an apartment. Being closer to family means we can occasionally go out for dinner without kids!

I have my studio now, and it seems that business is picking up. Maybe not as much as needed, but it will come. It feels great to be doing something I want to do and get paid for it too.

Elisabeth’s and Julius’s language skills have come so far in this last year. It is fun to be able to have conversations with them.

My mom came a visited and met Olivia. It was great to have her over here. It was also great to see the kids recongize here and it reinforced the importance of our weekly video chats.

My relationship with my husband started up rocky at the start of 2013, now it is in a very good place.

I am finally finished all my Danish exams! And I managed to pull of  a B overall.

So 2013 wasn’t all bad.

So what is in store for us in 2014?

Honestly I’m not sure. I think the plan is to have a relaxed year and just settle. I plan to grow both my businesses now that I have the time. I plan to spend more time with the kids. I hope to blog more. Other than that, there are no plans. Just to take one day at a time.


I wish you all a happy new year, and I hope to be on here more in 2014.