Well the title says it all… Chicken Pox sucks. We had the first bought of it on New Years with the boy. Honestly.. he got a few spots, complained when he over itched them.. done.

A couple weeks later and the girls have it and it is a totally different story.

Both girls got it at the same time, and it just exploded on them everywhere. Both got fevers, both have been miserable.

It is hard to say who got them worse of the two of them. Elisabeth got many many more on her body. Olivia got more on her head and in her ears, on her eye lids.

Both have been up at night crying. However I think we are over the hump. They all seem to be crusting over now, so hopefully they can get back to school/daycare by the end of the week.

Elisabeth is already tired of me, and it is only Tuesday! She was asking for her dad to be home instead of me.. and asking to go back to school. Feeling the love….

I am glad to get this over and done with now though.