I had high hopes for January. Starting fresh. Not looking back. Moving forward.

Instead, January just brought more of the same. I mentioned the Chicken Pox. That resulted in the girls being home for an entire week. That meant an entire week off of work for me, putting me very behind.

Chicken Pox cleared up, and they me and the girls were hit with the flu. The girls got it first, and they of course shared with me. I spent 3 days not holding anything down doing a Hart of Dixie marathon on the couch. Further behind in work.

There was some other family stress as well.

It wasn’t until this past Saturday that I felt a resemblance in life again.

So that was January.

Sunday was a bit of a turning point. We finally managed to find someone to watch the kids and my husband and I got to go see a movie. We went to see The Hobbit. Great movie, and so great to get out.

This weekend we also finished up sharing some news with some close family and friends, and I can now share on the blog:

Yes, that means I am pregnant again. It was a bit of a surprise, and honestly I have had a lot of morning sickness kicking my butt. But, with each day I am more and more excited to be welcoming another to our family. As of the moment the due date is set to Aug. 30th. However, I have not yet had a scan, and I am sure that the due date will probably get moved. I seem to go later and later with each pregnancy, so I am expecting a September baby.

So that is the news. That is the update.

Be back soon!