I know a lot people think that Valentine’s Day is just a day for businesses to make extra money and that is is meaningless.
You know what I think… it is what you make it to be. I could probably write a long blog post about how I feel about that whole issue. But instead.. I am going to write about my Valentine instead. Because for me, that is what it is about, and not all the other crap that other people come up with.

I really have 4 options for who should be my Valentine. I have my 3 children and my husband. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children, and they are all my little Valentines, but my number one Valentine is my husband.

We have been married for a couple years now, but have been together for just about 10 years. He is my best friend. I am not sure what I would do with out him.

He deserves more than to be my Valentine lately. I have been pretty sick with this pregnancy, which means he has had to pick up all the slack around the house. He drops the kids off at daycare and preschool every morning, and most days he picks them up. He does the grocery shopping, cleaning of the house and the laundry when I work on Saturdays. He is awesome, and I hope he knows it because I have been one tried, grouchy pregnant woman this last month.

So what did I get him for Valentines this year? Nothing. We discussed this earlier, and once again, we decided no gifts, because it isn’t about gifts, flowers or chocolate.

Instead we are going to have a ‘date night’ on the couch after the kids go to bed. We decided that we would purchase The Hobbit extended edition and watch that. We have both been wanting to watch it. We may or may not get some junk food with our movie. We will probably fall asleep before the movie is half way over.

Romantic? I think so. We will be doing something together that we both want to do. Sure, this is something we could do at any time. But honestly, setting time aside when you have 3 young kids running around, one full-time working parent, the other running her own business, is a daunting task. Most nights, we both just want to chill out and play our games, or if it is me.. go to bed.

So Valentin’s Day this year is not about the gifts or chocolate or cards. For us, it is about carving out a little bit of time to spend together, even if it is at home, on our couch, in our sweats.

What are your plans?

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