I figure I would do some pregnancy updates. I have not decided how often I should do them. Maybe every couple of weeks?

I thought I would start with today though. 12 weeks is a good number to start around (even though everyone already knows).  Today we had our first scan. First and foremost… it is NOT twins! So happy about that. Because I have been so sick and getting bigger quickly and be so sore everyone has been bugging me saying that it is twins. I will admit the last 3 times I was disappointed at the lack of twins. This time, not so much. Going from 3 to 4 seems manageable. Going from 3 to 5 at once does not.

Anyways, the moment the ultrasound tech put the wand on my belly and found the baby we saw the baby jumping around and doing flips and failing its arms and feet around. Then after a bit, it made it’s way down, and squished in a corner and went to sleep. It was not in an ideal spot for the tech to get the rest of the measurements that she needed. She tried poking and prodding. Made me go pee, had me cough. Nothing.. babe wanted to sleep and nothing was going to prevent it. After about 30 to 40 minutes, the tech gave up and gave me a new time with a more experienced tech , which was in about an hour. She also gave me some pictures.

baby number 4

She instructed me to to go have a cup of coffee and come back. I was starving at this point. So the husband and I made a quick trip to McDonalds for a couple of cheese burgers and a coke for me. These cheese burgers were really fresh, and the best cheese burgers I have ever had (at McDonalds).

Fast forward to the next scan. We go in, and honestly I am so tired (I was up until 1am last night) that I don’t even bother to tell the new tech that my danish is not great or bother to ask for it in English. In the end, not a big probably, however she did speak a little quickly for me, so I didn’t catch everything she said, but my husband was there, and he did.

This is how we found the baby this time:

baby number 4

On it’s head, still asleep, still not so interested in moving. The tech found this pretty amusing (which is why we got an extra 3 sets of pictures of the baby on its head).

The tech managed to get the baby in a better position after some time, and got the measurements she needed. She also re-did all the other measurements, so we basically got two full scans today. Our due date got changed by one day. Baby is now due Aug. 31st.

Honestly I thought I would get more excited after the first scan. In reality.. I am still feeling sick and still feeling super tired. Perhaps I will get more excited at the next scan when we find out the sex, or when I start to feel the baby. This is my fourth baby in under 5 years, so it kind of all feels routine.

I have no bump picture for you, because I have not taken one. Next time I will try and give you some stats. But for now… I’m off to nap!

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