I was planning on making Monday’s bumpdate days. I had also planned to blog last night, but as usual fell asleep on the couch at about 7pm before everyone else… again.. for the third night in a row.

Anyways… yesterday was Julius’s 3rd birthday. We didn’t really have anything special planned, as we plan on having a joint birthday party for him and his sister next week. However the night before we blew up a bunch of balloons and set them in front of his bed for him to wake up too. Both him and his sister were pretty excited about this. They both ran too our room in the morning saying ‘Mom, Dad… come see… balloons!’. It was adorable.

Next I sent them out to the dinning room to have breakfast so I could wrap his gift  and get his other gift set up. We decided that since it was just Christmas that he didn’t need much, and not any toys.


So we got him a normal sized blanket, a pillow and a smurf themed bedding set. We also got him a Cars bathrobe. He was thrilled.

As soon as this was over, the begging for cake began. However we invited a couple people over for cake in the afternoon, and I had yet to make it. So the kids played, we cleaned up, then I made cake:


I went simple.. and a bit lazy. I bought pre-made cake layers and layered fresh berries, homemade whipped cream and cake. The begging for cake became stronger once the kids saw it.

Soo the few people showed up and the birthday boy got some more gifts:


It was fun to watch. He is a total spaz when opening gifts and freaked out with every one of them, even before he knew what it was…. Then finally we had cake:


Over all it was a pretty laid back day. Honestly it was nice without all the fuss and we could relax and just enjoy the day with the kids. Julius’s was pretty happy as well.