Isn't she beautiful?

Isn’t she beautiful?

Last weeks wishes/goals:

1. Exercise twice a week. Now that I don’t feel like puking 24 hours a day I want to do some sort of activity. I managed to do this once. I’m okay with that.

2. No more soda. I did pretty good on this one. I had one glass on Sunday. It was enough.. actually I really didn’t even enjoy it.

3. Get my application for my residence permit started. I got this started.. now I just need to finish it!

4. Pin down a date and plan for the kids birthday and send out invitations. Still have not got this done, and I am so annoyed by it.

5. Clean the bathroom top to bottom. All done except the walls.

6. Work on my blog design. I did do a little bit.

Over all I don’t think I did so bad last week. Morning sickness keeps striking and putting a kink in my plans.. but it is getting better.

This weeks wishes/goals:

1. Go to the library and get some books for the kids.

2. Go for 2 30 minute walks

3. Finish my residence permit application.

4. Get caught up on paperwork

Not too much on the list, but the last two involve a lot of work. They are things that I have been putting off that I really need to get done. The weather is finally warming up, so I think getting out for a couple of walks will do me good. My kids are already pretty interested in books, however I really want to read with them more so I think a trip to the library is in order.


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