I had a really busy week last week, and managed to not to write a single blog post! Hopefully this week I can get back to it.

I haven’t done a pregnancy update since week 12, so I figured it was time to do another one. I even made a button:


As you can see, I am hoping to do a pregnancy update every couple of weeks. So.. how is it going.. well..

I am only 15 weeks and I am kind of over it. Morning sickness is not so bad anymore. It comes and it goes. When it comes.. it is an all day event. Luckily it seems to only come about once a week now.

I have been having a lot of hip and lower back pain, and well as just general pelvic pain. I feel like I am 8 months pregnant already. Our bed isn’t that comfortable, so I have been sleeping on the couch, which seems to take some of the pressure off my hips. However I still need to pick my kids up from preschool each day, and I don’t have a car. So by the end of the day I am in a bunch of pain and cranky. I feel sorry for my family.

I have my first midwife appointment this week (in Denmark, everyone is attended by a midwife during pregnancy). I am looking forward to it so we can discuss the process they follow here for home birth (we are in another city, and each city seems to handle it a bit differently). I am also hoping that she can give me some tips on how to help with the hip pain.

Over the last week and a half anyone who knows me has told me how big I am getting already. For those who don’t know me, I still just look chubby. I hate this stage. I can’t wait until it is obvious that I am pregnant. I also am running low on clothes. Luckily I got some money for my birthday so I am going to see if I can get some new pants. Sweat pants just don’t look all that professional on the job.

Other than that, not much to report. I have no clue how much weight I have gained. I haven’t checked, and it just doesn’t seem that important. I will gain what I will. And here is a picture of the belly: