So I totally missed a week. Last week was just crazy busy (but that is another post). But here is how I did for the week before:

1. Go to the library and get some books for the kids. Didn’t happen

2. Go for 2 30 minute walks. Didn’t Happen

3. Finish my residence permit application. Didn’t happen

4. Get caught up on paperwork. Didn’t happen


I really don’t know what happened. I think I ended up sick that week. I don’t really remember. Either way, onwards.

This weeks goals:

1. Organize the kids room. Their room is a mess, and it drives me insane. It drives me even more insane that they just tear it all apart after I organize it.

2. Paperwork. It is tax time, and although since I am self employed and have until July to actual file I would like to get it done with and get the paperwork to the accountant.

3. One 5km walk. I downloaded endomondo on my phone this week. I like that I can go in on the website and plan a route and see how long it is. I have planned a couple that I want to try out.

4. Survive the week. Seriously, it is such a busy week. Monday was a photoshoot, today was a doctors appointment with the kids and me, tomorrow photoshoot, thursday midwife appointment, friday photoshoot, saturday somesort of work.

5. Get a new pair of maternity pants. I got some birthday money and some a gift card, and I really need to get some clothes that fit and don’t look so worn out.. trouble is… there are also other things I would like to buy.

Wish me more success this week than the last!

The Nectar Collective