Last week I turned 28 and Elisabeth turned 4. My birthday is the 7th and Elisabeth’s is the 8th. I spent my 24th birthday with my water broken, waiting to go into labor. We thought for sure that I would have her that day. Nope, she was stubborn and waited until not long after the 8th to be born.

My birthday now is just a non-event mostly. I really don’t think much of it, and most of the day was spent thinking about Elisabeth’s birthday. I did go out for lunch with some friends and dinner with the husband. It was great.

My ‘baby’ girl (who was otherwise known as Lil’Monster) turned 4. That is a much crazier thought than me turning 28. Where has the time gone! Honestly I am glade three is over. It was a difficult age for us. She comprehends so much more now, and she can actually talk to us. However she has some serious attitude and loves to whine all the time. But she sure does say some adorable things now.

Like Julius’s birthday, we didn’t do much. Had some people over for coffee and cake. We started the morning with a couple of gifts. A pink house coat and new bedding:


She was excited.

The rest of the day she mostly ran around and played until someone showed up with more gifts.



Sure, we didn’t throw a big party. But she spent the day very happy, and in the end that is what matters. Maybe someday I will be one of those moms that does the whole themed birthday, spending hours planning and creating. But for now, when the kids don’t really have too many friends their age, a small gathering of family is enough. As for my birthday, well, I think it will be a long time before it isn’t over shadowed by Elisabeth’s and I am totally okay with that.

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